Hotel Les Deux Gares, Paris

In 2020, The Bold Bathroom Company had the privilege of being involved in a very prestigious project: the Hotel Les Deux Gares in Paris. We were approached by artist, designer and columnist Luke Edward Hall with the task of providing thirty-five suites in three colours: Light Green, Powder Blue, and Coral Pink. 

When it comes to hotel design, creating a memorable and unique experience for guests is crucial. The Hotel Les Deux Gares aimed to stand out from the crowd by incorporating bold and vibrant colours into their interior design. Our green, blue, and pink bathroom suites perfectly complemented Luke Edward Hall's vision, combined with equally vibrant tiling, lighting and accessories to bring drama and playfulness to each room. 

From Luke's website: "The hotel's bathrooms were inspired by those of the 1920s. Luke sourced pastel-coloured bathroom fittings, pillar wall lights and tiles decorated with a Greek key motif: it's his own bold take on Art Deco."



Aside from their vibrant colours, the bathroom suites we supplied for the Hotel Les Deux Gares were chosen for their exceptional quality and durability. At The Bold Bathroom Company we understand the importance of providing products that can withstand the demands of a high-traffic hotel environment.

Our bathroom products are crafted using premium materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure longevity and functionality. By choosing our products, the Hotel Les Deux Gares ensured that their guests would enjoy a luxurious and comfortable experience during their stay.

The Hotel Les Deux Gares' decision to incorporate our vibrant bathroom suites had a significant impact on the overall guest experience. The colourful and beautifully-designed bathrooms have become a big talking point among guests, creating a memorable and Instagram-worthy backdrop for their stay.

The Bold Bathroom Company are proud to have been a part of this exciting project, helping Luke and the Hotel achieve their vision of creating a memorable and visually stunning experience for its guests.

We look forward to future collaborations that allow us to continue bringing back colour to the bathrooms of the world!

Photography: Benoit Linero

Luke Edward Hall's website: Hotel Les Deux Gares | Luke Edward Hall

Hotel Les Deux Gares website: Hotel Les Deux Gares Paris