Edwardian home in Surrey

"Embracing the unique and daring side of design, Linnea and Ric transformed a neglected Farnham property into a vibrant home with a touch of history. Their pursuit of a distinctive, joyful space led them to Bold Bathroom, where they found not just fixtures but inspiration. From a vintage lion-head toilet reminiscent of Elvis' own to a locally-crafted pink Victorian suite and a storied cast iron tub from New York, their choices celebrate the blend of past and present. Bold Bathroom's vast selection and accommodating service made it possible to create a bathroom that's not just a statement of style, but a daily source of happiness. As Linnea and Ric put it, 'Bold Bathroom didn't just supply our dream bathroom; they helped us curate a piece of history that we live in every day.'"

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us a little about the project you’ve embarked on?

Linnea & Ric: We’re a couple with quite distinct professional backgrounds; I’m Linnea, a contemporary jewellery artist, and Ric is a marketing professional based in London. Our latest project has been to breathe new life into a neglected property in Farnham. This is a first for us, diving into a renovation of this magnitude with no prior experience. It's been a hands-on endeavour—we’ve literally built our kitchen from scratch, tackled plastering, and tiled the living room. Our commitment to sustainability led us to repurpose materials wherever possible; our living room floor has become the kitchen ceiling, and we've installed an impressive 200-year-old, 170kg stone sink that's rich with history.

Your approach to the bathroom is quite unconventional. Why did you decide to 'go bold'?

Linnea & Ric: Our dream was to break away from the typical and have a colourful, vintage bathroom. After spending over a decade in London, where rental property bathrooms were a lesson in sterile practicality, we wanted our bathroom to be an oasis—a space that would be both soothing and a source of joy every day. The perceived risk of a bold bathroom impacting the property value or market appeal was something we considered, but ultimately, we didn't want to make compromises. We plan on making this our home for at least a decade, where we hope to raise a family. This drove our decision to create a space that genuinely makes us happy without any reservations.

Classic Coral Pink toilet rolltop bath Bold Bathroom

What items stood out to you during your purchase, and what did you decide on?

Linnea & Ric: The search began with a fascination for vintage bathroom sets—Linnea, in particular, was enamored with a white and pink lion-head toilet similar to one Elvis Presley owned. While initially we were on the fence, particularly Ric, our visit to Bold Bathroom changed our perspective. We were captivated by a baby pink Victorian-style suite from their Classic range. This suite was not only aesthetically pleasing but also crafted less than 200 miles away, which added to its appeal. We went in planning to purchase just the basics, but Sam, our guide at Bold Bathroom, introduced us to a range of accessories. This included an exquisite shower tap, a vintage cast iron-style radiator with a towel rail, and an ornate mirror that found its place in our bedroom rather than the bathroom. Additionally, we were thrilled to acquire a cast iron bathtub with a storied past, dating back to 1914 and originating from New York, which Sam’s father had found at an auction in Wales.

How would you describe your experience with The Bold Bathroom Company?

Linnea & Ric: It was truly fortuitous that we discovered Bold Bathroom. Upon our visit, Sam welcomed us with warm coffees and took us on a tour that felt like a walk through time—amidst a treasure trove of bathroom fittings and accessories. We were particularly impressed by their willingness to refurbish and replate a set of vintage chrome taps we liked. Although we chose a different set in the end, it was reassuring to know such services were available. The team’s knowledge and accommodating nature were exemplary. We’re already looking forward to our next visit for future additions to our home.

Speaking of the future, what are your plans moving forward with the renovation?

Linnea & Ric: We're in the middle of reconfiguring the house to introduce a downstairs toilet and shower, which will be an extension of our bold design ethos. Initially, we contemplated a more subdued style for this new addition, but as our discussions evolved, so did our inclination towards making another striking statement. It's clear that we’re veering towards an even more audacious design than before, and we're excited about the possibilities. Without a doubt, Bold Bathroom will be our go-to source for these distinctive fixtures.