Brightside Roadside restaurants, Devon & Cornwall

We were approached by Dan and Cassie, Creative Directors of Brightside Roadside, at the early stages of planning for a new group of roadside restaurants with a unique nostalgic vibe.

Following some deliberation over the choice of colour scheme for the ladies and gents loos, we were delighted when the final decision was made to go for Avocado - the most iconic bathroom colour of all! 

All three restaurants in Exeter, Honiton and Saltash are now proudly adorned with washbasins, toilets and urinals in Avocado which have proven to be a smash hit with the diners - Instagram is now awash with posts about them.

  Here's a quote from the Brightside website:

"The inspiration behind Brightside’s interior scheme was driven by our founder Alex’s memories of going to Little Chef and Happy Eater when he was on holiday as a child. People of a certain age will remember that in the 70s and 80s, a stop-off was an integral part of people’s travel plans. We’ve tried to capture the nostalgia of family road trips and the excitement of finding somewhere to stop off that was a bit of a treat.

We looked at lots of interiors from the days of Happy Eater, caravan fit-outs and old adverts, which was really useful to refence colours and textures. We studied how they used lighting and which looks were popular at the time, and incorporated that into Brightside’s interiors. We don’t like using the word ‘retro’, but it’s a nostalgic take, using the materials of that time and reinventing them in some way.

The interiors have a very cinematic quality – we like to think of them as a British take on the great American diner, combined with some English quaintness, which is quite endearing.

Retro Avocado sinks, Brightside Roadside restaurant, The Bold Bathroom Company

Brightside is supposed to be quite fun, too, and not too serious. The colour scheme, and especially the avocado bathroom suites, are the things that people will remember. If you don’t then it’ll be interesting and something new, but a comfort for people who do recall those design choices from back in the day."

The Bold Bathroom Company are proud to have been involved in bringing this vision to reality, be sure to pay a visit if you are ever heading out West!